No matter where we end up in this life, F.N.Cool prides itself on its commitment to community. That’s why we have opened our door to recording local venue performances and providing affordable video options to the public. If you are a singer/songwriter and need help recording a video or have a band and would like F.N.Cool to feature you in an upcoming episode of SOUNDCHECK, contact for scheduling and an estimate.

The same thing goes for graphic art and comic book illustrators. We have a community submission comic book coming out soon and we’d love for you to get your hands on it! If you are an artist and would like to be featured in an upcoming F.N.Cool article, issue of Dark Creations or added to our newsletter release, contact

Plain and Simple: F.N.Cool is proud to host artwork and products in order to help artists make a living. We know the struggles of “making it” in the industry and we are here to provide support and a retail face for your artistic expression.

We are the label, but are you F.N.Cool?