HENCHMEN have arrived!

Welcome to the first Wednesday of the rest of eternity…

Enter the hellishly-comical cubicle underworld inhabited by Mort and Cyrus, two demons just doing their jobs. Mort is new to the complex, and sometimes lethal, daily grind of the devil’s details and depends on his cynical mentor Cyrus to help him stay afloat. 
Henchmen is a throwback to the comics you loved as a child but mixed with the humor you can admire as an adult. Enjoy Henchmen: Work is Hell every Wednesday at fncool.me/henchmen-work-is-hell and keep a look out for Henchmen branded merchandise making its way to the F.N.Cool store soon at f-n-cool.myshopify.com.

Over the course of the next twelve weeks, F.N.Cool will introduce you to a myriad of characters ranging from sexy to deadly in an attempt to breathe humor and positivity into a world that seems predestined for disaster. So… sit back, laugh like hell and let the world burn! Read the FIRST EVER Henchmen comic strip HERE: https://fncool.me/henchmen-work-is-hell

Henchmen: Work is Hell is Copyright F.N.Cool Entertainment 2017 and is created by David Patterson, Chris Pyles and Gabe Smith.